Bodkin Yacht Club - Pasadena, Maryland


The Bobbins
President- Nikki Hutchison
Vice President- Diane Danko
Treasurer- Martha Chapman
Secretary- Diane Moore
Board Members:
  • Andrea Coleman
  • Linda Covey
  • Bunny Peters
  • CJ Stromberg
  • Margaret Mitchell (Alt.)

The purpose of the Bobbins is to promote the objectives of the Bodkin Yacht Club, Inc., which are:

  • To promote yachting
  • To foster all sports related to boating
  • To encourage the study and practice of good navigation, seamanship and safety afloat
  • To foster social and fraternal activities within the club’s membership
  • To render aid and mutual boating assistance to and between members

Membership in the Bobbins is available to partners of members in good standing of Bodkin Yacht Club, Inc.   Full membership is granted upon completion of a one-year probationary period and approval of the Executive Board of the Bobbins. The Bobbins are active in planning social and community events, which promote the spirit of the club and provide an atmosphere of friendship within the boating community.