Bodkin Yacht Club - Pasadena, Maryland



Each year the yacht club plans and organizes several formal as well as informal cruises for its members. All members are encouraged to participate in club cruises; they range in distance and locale, providing something for everyone. Attending other yacht clubs opening festivities throughout the season makes for excellent cruising opportunities as well as a chance to relax with fellow members and meet members of other yacht clubs with common interests. Some of the club’s traditional cruises include an early season shake down cruise, Memorial Day and Labor Day cruises, as well as a frost bite cruise. The club also plans several overnight raft outs where members raft up with fellow members. Raft outs are typically less of a formal event and more spontaneous. Members will sometimes do a pot luck dinner at raft outs, where everyone brings a dish to share for dinner. In addition to those, the club plans a main vacation cruise that is usually a week long in duration and encompasses several destinations during its route. See below for information.
2016 cruises to  yet be determined