Bodkin Yacht Club - Pasadena, Maryland


Annual membership fees at Bodkin Yacht Club are quite reasonable.  How do we accomplish that?  We maintain the club ourselves!

There arethree types of membership: Regular Membership, Associate Membership  and a Social Membership

Regular Members are allowed to maintain a vessel in one of our 63 slips, are eligible to vote on club business, and are required to perform 54 hours of work annually.

Associate Members have limited voting privileges and are required to work 36 hours. They may be posted on the slip request list until a slip becomes available. Then they need to request Regular Membership at in the club. Associate Members are welcome to bring their boats to BYC for all events and a limited numbers days each month.

Social Members have no work requirement or voting privilege.  Social members are welcome to bring their boats to BYC for all events and a limited number of days each month.

All members are encouraged to bring their family and friends to the club and are eligible to use the 180 seat clubhouse facility for private events at very reasonable rates.  BYC “scrip money” is used for food, drinks and events throughout the year in the clubhouse. For more information about membership, you can contact us by phone (410)255-9833 or by emailing the Membership Chairperson directly.